Prize Wheel

Players can draw ample rewards via Prize Wheel using Coins, where Coins can be obtained by participating in PuffGo Entry and High Level, as well as from events in Puffverse. Various rewards have different drop rates, which await for players to unlock for boosted excitement and thrilling challenges.

Regular Wheel


Free Chance
Draw Once
Draw 5 Times
Once a Day
199 Coins
995 Coins


Coins and Rare costume parts for Puff characters (Role)


Go to the PuffGo homepage and click the ‘Prize’ button in the lower right-hand to enter the Prize Wheel.
You can check the detailed drop rate for specific rewards by clicking the ‘Overview’ button at the lower left-hand of the Prize page.
The rarer the costume parts, the higher the Luck Value. Note that Luck Value matters that high-Luck-Value costumes can boost rewards in PuffGo Entry and High Level. The reward pool will be changed from time to time, stay tuned!
Click ‘Free’ to spin the Regular Wheel for free. Everyone has 1 free chance per day to draw rewards.
Click ‘Draw x1’ to use 199 Coins for another chance to spin the Regular Wheel, or you can also use 995 Coins to draw 5 times altogether.
This is an example showing that you draw 5 times at once. Rewards will be obtained randomly every time.
No repetitive costume parts will be obtained. If you draw a repetitive costume part, the ‘Owned’ sign will be shown and you can convert it into Coins according to its rarity.

Diamond Wheel

To be announced.

Seasonal Wheel

To be announced.