🧙‍♂️Puffs NFT

The main NFT that serves as the core asset in Puffverse is called Puff.

Each NFT asset is unique to the character and its character's corresponding appearance combination. Users can mint NFTs through our official website, via the secondary market in the future, or participate in the upcoming Puff campaign & activities.

Universe of Puff NFTs with diverse & fantastic utilities within the ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Puff Ticket: Redeem game props

  • Puff Genesis: Puff NFT that can participate in all products with the most privileges

  • Puff Classic: Puff NFT that can be used in PuffTown V1 simulation idle game to raise Puff Genesis and Puff Football

  • Puff Passcard: DID

  • Puff limited edition NFTs: Including Puff Football

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