Multi-Wallet Management

Multi-wallet in PuffTown could help users better with asset management and trade. The updated wallet system in PuffTown allows users to connect their PuffTown accounts easily with multiple on-chain wallets at the same time, and switch wallets directly without quitting the current account and logging in again or deleting the current wallet. Each wallet will have its own password to trade independently from the others to ensure wallet security.

The PuffTown App will NEVER store your private keys.

Connect a New Wallet

First of all, check the tutorial of ‘Connect a Wallet’ and connect one wallet before adding another wallet. Then, click on the Wallet page, select your Chain Wallet, and click the highlighted ‘Wallet #1’ (Or your named wallet) below to start.

Click ‘Add Wallet’ to add multiple wallets.

Click ‘Create a new wallet’ if you don’t have an existing on-chain wallet or want to get a new one.

Then, set your new password for this particular wallet to trade. Note that as each wallet has its own password separately from the other wallets, mark down your password and keep it safe!

Make sure you have noted down your seed phrase or private key in a safe place for your wallet security!

Double-confirm your seed phrase and connect your wallet with Google Authenticator for safety. You need to enter the verification code you get and enter the GA code if you are connected to Google Authenticator.

After confirming, you have successfully created your Wallet and connected it to your PuffTown account automatically!

Connect to an Existing Wallet

Firstly, click ‘Add Wallet’.

Select ‘Import a Wallet’ to connect to your existing on-chain wallet.

Create your trading password for this particular wallet.

Enter either your seed phrase or private key, complete email verification, and connect to Google Authenticator, then click ‘Import Wallet’ to complete the process.

Now you have successfully connected your new existing wallet to your PuffTown account!

Rename Your Wallets

Click the edit button to revise your wallet names for distinction.

Click ‘Confirm’ and your new wallet name will be applied immediately.

Switch Wallets

First of all, go to the Wallet page and select your Chain Wallet. Then click on your wallet to initiate the switch.

Select a particular wallet that you want to switch to. Enter the corresponding trading password as each wallet has its own password and confirm.

You have successfully switched your wallet once you see the pop-up window shows ‘Successfully Switched’.

After switching to your new wallet, you can check all the Puff assets in your new wallet easily from the Wallet page.

Please note that after switching to your new wallet, your ‘My NFT’ page and Chain History will be automatically changed to the asset info and trading history of your new wallet only.

Delete Wallets

Users can delete any of their connected wallets at any time. Firstly, go to the Wallet page and select your Chain Wallet. Make sure that you have switched your current wallet to the one wallet that you want to delete, and then click on the Setting button at the upper right-hand.

Click ‘Delete Wallet’ from the Setting to disconnect this wallet address from your PuffTown account.

Please double-confirm that you want to remove this wallet address, and ensure your seed phrase or private key is well-saved in a safe place. If so, click ‘Confirm’ to remove it. Note that once you remove the current wallet address, you will be automatically switched to the first wallet that you connected to your PuffTown account.

You need to enter the unique trading password to your first wallet for verification to connect.

After seeing the pop-up window that shows ’Successfully Deleted’, this particular wallet is successfully removed from your PuffTown account and your current wallet has automatically been switched to the first wallet that you bound to your PuffTown account.

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