NFT-Holder-Only Identification

The NFT-holder-only identification is the privileged emblem to identify NFT holders. When users embrace the power of Puff NFT by importing NFTs into PuffGo via PuffTown with the detailed steps here, the distinguished badge will be shown.

Display in PuffWorld

When you explore the PuffWorld with your imported Puff (NFT), other users who are online with you at the same time can see your prestigious symbol as an NFT holder, showcasing your unique ownership.

Display in PuffGo Matches

When you import your Puffs (NFTs) and use them in PuffGo matches, your teammates can view your prestigious emblem of being an NFT holder within the game.

💡 Users are UNABLE to view their own NFT prestigious identification in both PuffWorld and PuffGo matches. This privileged emblem is only visible to other users, allowing them to recognize the unique status associated with Puff NFTs.

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