The characters in the Puffverse have eight parts: head, upper body, lower body, face, pattern, skin color, background, and facial expression. Each NFT asset is unique with a random combination of these 8 parts. Users can purchase NFT assets through the official website, on the secondary market, or get them via events, or hatched from other NFTs.

Puff Ticket

A Puff Ticket is a precious ticket that will open the Puffverse and is valuable for any user to hold from time to time. You could earn tickets from the Early Bird Round or the Regular Free Mint Round, by participating in certain events. There will only be 15,000 Puff Tickets overall. Check the details on our Twitter for now.

Benefits & Rights:

  • Puff Lottery for Genesis NFT

  • Priority experiences in the Alpha and Beta version of PuffGo

  • Exchange to Puff Passcard which is used as your Decentralized Identity to explore the Puffverse

  • Puff tickets can be transferred and traded on the secondary market

Puff Genesis

Puff Genesis is an exclusive NFT collection with premium utilities across all products in Puffverse. There will only be 2,500 Puff Genesis NFTs overall.

Benefits & Rights:

  • Breed new Puffs

  • Priority rights for other Puff NFTs

  • Off-chain VIP benefits

  • Priority experiences in the Alpha and Beta versions of PuffGo

  • Copyrights ownership

  • Airdropped Passcard

  • Puff Genesis can be transferred and traded on the secondary market

Puff Classic

Puff Classic is obtained by hatching eggs in PuffTown V1, and the initial eggs can be obtained by airdrop. Each Puff Genesis is awarded 1-5 eggs according to the rating, and each Puff Football is awarded 1 egg at the time of the PuffTown V1 launch. If the Puff Football NFT is minted after the launch, 1 egg will be awarded after the mint.

Puff Classic can be used to Raise your NFT in PuffTown V1.

How to Raise?

Puff Classic contains 2 different types of NFTs - Normal & Christmas-Special. Normal ones' luck value is not less than 160, while Christmas-Special ones' luck value is less than 300.

Puff Passcard

To be announced.

Puff Limited Edition NFTs

  • Puff Football Collection: Launched on Binance NFT. Puff Football NFT is a limited-edition NFT that can be used in different Puffverse products. All 3,840 are unique NFTs, and within these unique designs, there will be 32 teams according to the Football national teams, and 5 characters in our story settings. NFTs of 32 teams can be opened from the mystery box, when you withdraw and redeem them, you will exchange them for NFTs with the teamโ€™s costumes.

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