๐Ÿ“–The Puff Story

This is the magic land of monsters, peaceful and beautiful.

After the magic power was exhausted hundreds of years ago, the monsters gradually became gentle. Under the leadership of the Demon King, they established this prosperous and peaceful kingdom and lived a peaceful life.

However, something shattered the tranquility completely - the Demon King suddenly disappeared, the Demon King City was invaded, and the intruders - Moru evil group took the castle, their target was the princess and the Demon King's crown she took away.

When the princess was attacked by the Moru evil group, the egg on the shelf fell to save the princess, and the little dinosaur (Patty) in the egg also escaped from the castle with the princess. During this period, they accidentally learned about the culprit of the invasion of Demon King City - Mr. B, the descendant of the late Archmage of the Monster Kingdom.

Princess and Patty planned to take the crown with them and escaped from the castle through a portal with the help of Claude. In the course of escaping, an incident occurred! The crown was accidentally shattered into countless magical fragments by the tiny fish Pop, suspended in various venues, forming a "magic field" scattered across the magic zones worldwide, which drove the Princess nuts. In order to gain power to retake the castle, the princess and Patty embark on a journey to collect those magic fragments, and Mr.B, who canโ€™t afford to fail, also followsโ€ฆ

What exactly is Mr.B's motivation? Can the princess and her party smash it? The disappearance of the Demon King, the depletion of the magic power, the magic power of the crown, many mysteries await to be revealedโ€ฆ

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