Please note that the roadmap only represents what we can predict at this point, so itโ€™s possible that we change priorities according to the market and feedback from the community. We will do everything to ensure the best possible experience for our users.

Q2 & Q3 of 2022: Start-Up

Q4 of 2022: PuffGo Alpha Version, PuffTown V1, & FIFA Beta Version Release

Q1 of 2023: PuffGo Web 3 Test

Q2 of 2023: PuffGo Web 3 Test Optimization

Q3 of 2023: PuffGo Web 3 Test Optimization

Q4 of 2023 & 2024: PuffTown & PuffGo Official & PuffWorld

Our vision is to build a comprehensive Metaverse with exclusive Puffidentify for all users. The overall structures and 4 main products and stages are as follows:


Web 3 Control Panel

On-chain multiplayer royale game


Decentralized Identity

Wallet integration



3D verse





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