Wallet-Related Features

Game wallet

PuffTown App equips with a game wallet for players to manage their in-game assets well and easily. At the same time, the game wallet can be used to keep your tokens for easier purchases in the game for props. It allows users to transfer their cryptocurrencies & NFTs to the game wallet, or in the opposite way, withdraw cryptocurrencies & NFTs from the game wallet to their on-chain wallet.

Chain Wallet

PuffTown makes the wallet interactions on Ronin Network. You can use the wallet for any tokens and NFT trading and transfer. Additionally, you can link your wallet address to a PuffTown account for real-time transaction history checking and direct connection with PuffGo and PuffTown.


Players can transfer assets effortlessly and freely between chain wallet and game wallet.


Save your QR Code or address to receive payment.


Players can transfer their NFTs and cryptocurrencies here if they have more than one address.


Conversion between USDC and RON will be available in the future.

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