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A dinosaur hatched by a mysterious egg covered in green fuzz, with sharp claws and a chubby body. He saved the Princess when she was hunted and under siege by the Moru Evil Group. Somehow, he recognizes himself as her guardian angel, and always protects the Princess from any crisis because Princess is the first person he met after the incubation. However, he is actually the doppelganger of the Demon King who is in the crisis, created to keep her safe. Patty is vigorous, innocent, and pure. Patty is the core member of the Protagonist group and the valiant-like existence.


Muscular Claude, whose mother is White Cloud, grew up in the white cloud group. He had been yearning for his origin for years and decided to leave the house in search of his father. He ran into the Demon King’s Castle with serendipity. During his adventure in the Castle, he met a pink star named Ashe, whose prophecies woke Claude up, and made him realize that justice is the thing he has been longing for all this time. He started to help little monsters who suffered from the Moru Evil Group, reconstruct the kingdom that was once ruined, and assist the Princess and Patty in escaping along with Bill Duck. He is straightforward and righteous but thoughtless, represents the core of contradiction in the protagonist group, yet stands out to face up crisis bravely and timely all the time!


An extraterrestrial shooting star dropped off in front of Claude, who comes from a highly advanced Milky Way Castle with the ability of Precognition. With her guidance, Claude regained critical perceptions of Mr.B and his behaviors. But for that, Mr.B got furious and once prohibited them from keeping in touch. They were like Romeo and Juliet but the differences are that they fought for their destiny with resolution and strength. Ashe is moderate, rational, and mysterious but sticks to her own bottom line in some strange areas, which makes her stubborn at times.

Bill Duck

Bill Duck always seems to be proud. The ‘Medal of Duck’ he received from the Demon King when he was young is his eternal glory. He used to believe he would be a lifetime servant for the Demon King, however, the missing of the King and the invasion of the Moru Evil Group forced him to join the Moru Evil Group, but his endurance clearly didn’t work out because all he got was the notice of dismissal. The helpless Bill Duck has not been abandoned by the world, because later he found his brightness and cure to his loneliness and indifference, with the help of Claude and the fuzzy appearance of Patty. Deep in his heart, he still yearns for the old times in the Castle and wishes that the Demon King will be back someday and bring back the glory.


A tiny fish with legs can easily get lost all the time because he always gets drifted away by the things that pop up along the way. He’s so addicted to goods that are glittering! That’s why he accidentally entered the portal that the Princess and Patty used to escape from the Moru Evil Group and smashed the Princess’s crown when he got lost one day. He has no destination, so he joined the Protagonist group after being forced by the Princess to take responsibility for the broken crown. Searching for the crown’s fragments may not be difficult for Pop who claims himself as a bling-bling lover! Pop is carefree and a freedom catcher, he is just as simple as that.

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