Puff Crew

Be a Puff Crew Leader

Find and click on the Puff Crew feature on the homepage of the PuffTown App, and you will automatically be loaded to the page of Puff Crew.

Click the โ€˜+โ€™ icon to create your own Puff Crew! Note that you canโ€™t join other Crews while being a Puff Crew leader.

Choose โ€˜Create a Teamโ€™. Please make sure you have 0.01 BNB in your Game wallet in order to create your own Puff Crew successfully.

Then, upload your Crew logo, name your own Puff Crew, and add your Crew description. Note that Puff Crew leaders need to change their PuffTown nicknames to be distinguishable for other Puffs to notice. Stand out with uniqueness!

Lastly, just wait for the review by the Puffverse team within 3 business days. Then you can start to recruit Crew members after approval!

Please pay attention to the little button with the red spot, which represents that you have Puffs who applied to join your Puff Crew!

Puff Crew leaders have the privilege to accept or reject applications from other Puffs to join your Puff Crew. However, leaders have no right to kick members out yet. Please choose your Crew members seriously and wisely.

Edit Crew Info/Dismiss Crew

Puff Crew leaders can edit Crew information or dismiss the Crew at any time. Click the โ€˜Editโ€™ button on your Puff Crew page to edit details or dismiss Crew easily.

Puff Crew leaders have the privileges to update your Crew avatars, change names, revise descriptions, or dismiss Crews. Crew dismisses will be taken into effect immediately after submitting.

Note that the edited Puff Crew info needs to be approved by the Puffverse team. The editing takes effect after approval.

Join a Crew

There are no thresholds to join a Puff Crew! You can enter the Puff Crew feature first.

Then, check from the Team Task page for the Crew that you want to join.

If you have a specific Crew that you want to join, click on โ€˜Join a Teamโ€™.

Next, search by its Team ID directly and conveniently to locate the Puff Crew that you want to join.

Once you have successfully applied, all you need to do is to wait for approval from the Puff Crew leader. Note that Puffs can apply for several Crews simultaneously! The 1st Crew leader to approve your request to join will be your Crew and the rest requests will be void immediately.

Leave or Switch to Another Crew

Puff Crew members can leave the current Crew at any time. Note that one can only leave the current first and apply to join another new Crew.

Puff Crew Tasks

More Crew Tasks will be added to the list. Complete the tasks for more rewards.

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