Top Up System

The Top Up system provides players with an exclusive channel and service to purchase and acquire in-game assets, costumes, privileges, and game props using fiat currencies. The Purple Diamond acquired via top-up can be used to buy unique game props and costumes for in-game characters for a more exclusive and thrilling game experience in Puffverse.

Top Up system is enabled on multiple platforms for users to use and sync in different devices. In addition, Top-Up-system-related activities will be launched regularly for boosted fun and enhanced game experience for users in PuffGo.

How to Top-up?

Launch your PuffGo App to enter the PuffWorld, and click on the Events icon to enter the Top Up interface.

You can check all the top-up activities on the Top Up page, select the amount of the Purple Diamond you want to purchase using Fiat, and click on it to complete the transaction.

Your in-game Purple Diamond will be increased accordingly after the successful transaction.


The PuffGo Pack is the exclusive gift kit for players to get valuable in-game assets, game props, and many other rewards. PuffGo Pack's content will evolve along with the version updates for players to enjoy the most anticipated and necessary prizes.

Welcome Pack

There is a total of 3 Welcome Packs to choose from - Newbie, Premium, and Luxury. Welcome Packs have various types of rewards. A higher welcome pack price means the pack is rarer and has more valuable rewards in it.

How to Purchase the Welcome Pack

Launch your PuffGo App to enter the PuffWorld, and click on the Events icon to start.

Click on Newbie Only in the left sidebar to enter the interface for purchasing the Welcome Pack.

Select your wanted Welcome Pack.

You can purchase any Welcome Pack directly by clicking on the Pack and its corresponding price. After clicking on the price below, you will be able to pay to complete the transaction.

Click โ€˜Confirmโ€™ to claim your Day-1 rewards from your purchased Welcome Pack after the successful payment.

Players can claim their Day-1 rewards immediately after the successful payment. More Welcome Pack rewards are available in the following 2 days (in a total of 3 days) to claim.

Diverse types and rewards of the Welcome Pack will be accessible soon, stay tuned for more!

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