PuffWorld serves as a bridge for social interaction among players. Within this expansive realm, players can swiftly access essential information about other players sharing the same screen and conveniently engage in interactive experiences with one another. In future updates, they will be interacting with other players and NPC/AINPC in many more ways.

How to Interact with Others in PuffWorld?

Launch your PuffGo App to enter the PuffWorld. Click the yellow ID card located at the right of the name of your interested user, and view basic information easily.

Simply click on the "Add friends" button within the popup window of the basic information interface, and send friend requests from there.

Click โ€˜Invite to team upโ€™ on the same interface to send real-time game team invitations.

Click on the red button at the bottom left corner to block users from further interaction.

Click on the message icon as highlighted below to DM users straightforwardly.

Click on the eye icon as highlighted below to view the user profile directly.

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