Game Season and Rank

Each game season will last for 14 days, and the information about rank, along with Free Chance will be updated at the end of each season.

Skill To Earn with outstanding skills for higher ranks to share vePUFF, which can be redeemed proportionally to PUFF later on or use vePUFF as a way to earn more! The more Advanced Level users play in each season, the higher rank and the more profit they will get accordingly.

Rank Distribution

Rank Rewards

There are two prize pools for Rank rewards: Basic Prize Pool and Top 100 Prize Pool.

Basic Prize Pool: Players with the Rank Gold or above are eligible to share the Basic Prize Pool, which will be accumulated gradually according to all playersโ€™ in-game consumption.

Top 100 Prize Pool: Only players with the rank Amber & Archdemon can get in the Top 100 Rank. The Top 100 are eligible to share an additional yet large portion from the Top 100 Prize Pool, provided by the Puffverse team.

What Affects Your Rank?

Play more and win more matches can definitely increase your Rank level. However, your Rank level might be decreased as well!

1) If you are Gold or above

You failed in the first round, which means you are a careless Puff - Reduce stars in Rank level and this may result in a decrease in the Rank level

2) If you are Amber or above

You didnโ€™t play Advanced Level for more than 5 days, which means you are a lazy Puff - Reduce stars in the Rank level on a daily basis until you play again this season, and this may result in a decrease in Rank level. An in-game message will be sent 2 days in advance to remind you!

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