Inventory is your personal wardrobe where all your obtained costume parts will be stored here. Only in-game Puff characters (Roles) that you purchased with 5,000 Coins can be dressed up with these costumes, and corresponding Luck Value will be added and accumulated for skill and reward boosts.

Puff NFTs can’t be dressed up due to having their own costumes and Luck Value at the beginning of their initial release, which can’t be changed. But NFT is still the requirement for the Advanced Rank.

You can dress up your in-game Puff characters with 3 different parts, which are headgear, top, and bottom. Each costume part has its Luck Value based on its rarity. Note that the higher the Luck Value, the greater the rewards!

The red spot on your Inventory indicates that you obtained new costumes. You can simply click on the ‘Inventory’ and enter to check out more.

You can categorize your Inventory on the left side and switch to different costume parts accordingly and precisely.

When you finish decorating your Puff characters, you can save the current look and join PuffGo Entry and High Level for boosted rewards. Check the total amount of Luck Value at the upper right-hand, which includes the Luck Value from all parts in your inventory and your locked Puff NFTs in-game.

Click ‘Puff Info’ at the top right corner to switch to different Puff characters and check their comprehensive attributes.

Check the example below for the character attribute display.

Luck Value

Luck Value matters and directly affects the rewards you received from PuffGo matches. Use Puff NFTs with high Luck Values, or dress your in-game Puff characters up with high-Luck-Value costumes to get boosted rewards in PuffGo Entry and High Level. As usual, the higher the Luck Value, the greater chance to get ample prizes, such as Coins and Puff Eggs. High Luck Value will be enabled with higher probabilities to add your rank stars or trigger level protection from dropping the rank after the launch of the next game season.

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