๐ŸŽฎPuffGo - Royale Party Game

We are currently in the Beta version, but please feel free to read about the official!

PuffGo is an on-chain multiplayer royale party game that allows players to earn while having fun. The game contains several levels and gameplay modes that offer players a choice of matchups from solo to multiplayer. Players can collect game characters with different appearances, personalities, abilities, and costumes. Players can also use different characters to participate in various levels of games and modes based on the advantages of each. Multiple skills and strategies matter when you compete with each other for higher ranking and better rewards.

The game aims to allow players to operate various game characters, and provide players with an intriguing and differentiated game experience by trying out diverse themes and levels with varied costumes. We have multiple main characters with distinguishable personalities and nonidentical appearances, each with their own story and customized skills or attributes that play to their strengths in different application scenarios. The team dreams of building an NFT gameverse where players are saturated with entertainment and rewarding experience.

Account Registration

In PuffGo Official, users are required to register an account before starting the game. Unlike new accounts acquisition from Puff NFTs in PuffGo Beta, users can simply โ€˜Create an accountโ€™ in PuffGo Official to log in. After you successfully registered, users can start to challenge themselves with various gameplays and Skill to Earn carefreely.

PuffGo Officialโ€™s new account system allows users to have 1 account for all of their Puff NFTs, which benefits users in Skilling to Earn without complicated and arduous operations.

Stay tuned, the details are to be updated.

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