Coin is the in-game asset (off-chain) in PuffGo Official, which can be used to unlock game levels and buy game props in a later stage.


There will be a possibility to get egg drops at the High Level. Eggs can be hatched in PuffTown Official App with a 48-hour hatch period to get Puff General NFT and itโ€™s not the same Egg Hatch in the PuffTown simulation game.

Whatโ€™s Puff General?

Users will get Puff General which can be used as Free Chances to join the Advanced Level twice, and the Free Chance here will not be reset. There will be no costume for Puff General, only the matter of different Puff characters. Puff General is tradable on the secondary market as the Free Chance to the Advanced Level and the ticket for Web 2 users to join, but will not be valued as high as Puff Genesis, Puff Football NFT, and Puff New Year NFT.

Rank Points

Users can use their excellent skills to earn rank points for higher rank and vePUFF, which can be redeemed proportionally to PUFF in a later stage or use vePUFF as a way to earn more.

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