Top Up Using USDC

Users can now purchase PuffGo Diamonds with USDC on the Puffverse official website efficiently, which is designed to offer all Web 3 players a seamless and practical way to acquire PuffGo in-game assets. Accessing the top-up interface through the Diamond icon on the top right corner of the Puffverse official website enables players to indulge in the convenient trading experience and elevated game environment.

How to Purchase Diamonds using USDC?

Click here directly to start your purchase, or click the Diamond icon on the top right corner of the Puffverse official website

Enter the email address you used for your PuffGo and PuffTown accounts, and click confirm to proceed.

If you enter the inaccurate email address, your account will not be found with the reminder of a pop-up window. Please double verify and revise to the accurate email address.

If you enter the accurate email address, the related PuffGo details will be popped up for verification. Before continuing with your information, ensure your PuffGo Game Name and PuffGo Game ID are correct.

Make sure your related PuffGo information is well-verified, then, click โ€˜Confirmโ€™ to proceed.

*Make sure that you meticulously review the information presented in the pop-up window to avoid any potential disruptions in the distribution of your purchased Diamonds.

Enter the Diamond top-up selection interface to choose the quantity of Diamonds you want to purchase, continue with the process by clicking โ€˜Confirmโ€™.

After entering the payment interface, verify the payment details and click 'Approve' to give permission to the contract.

After you approve the contract, click 'Confirm' to call up your wallet again, sign, and complete the transaction process. The purchased Diamonds will be distributed to your corresponding PuffGo account through in-game mailbox with a successful purchase.

How to Claim Your Purchased Diamonds?

Open your PuffGo App. Expand the multi-function bar on the right side of the interface and click on the mail icon within the multi-function bar to access the in-game mailbox in PuffGo.

Find your purchased Diamonds in the PuffGo mailbox, and click on the โ€˜Claimโ€™ button on the right-hand side to claim your Diamonds.

*If this is your first Diamond purchase, the extra reward with your first top-up - Hawaiian suit for Patty will be distributed in another mail.

Click โ€˜Confirmโ€™ to claim your freshly purchased Diamonds using USDC and start exploring!

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