Mint (Closed)

Early Bird Round

Ended already. Check the whitelist.

Regular Registration Round

There are 4 ways to participate and get WL for the Free Mint:

  • Participated in the Early Bird Events.

  • Register here with at least 0.01 ETH in the wallet. There are overall 5 registration periods.

Week 1 Registration Period - Sep 30th to Oct 6th

Week 2 Registration Period - Oct 7th to Oct 13th

Week 3 Registration Period - Oct 14th to Oct 20th

Week 4 Registration Period - Oct 21st to Oct 27th

Week 5 Registration Period - Oct 28th to Nov 3rd

  • Follow our Twitter and Discord for more events. We will be doing a lot of activities for WL dropping. Participate in those events, and if you are lucky enough, you will be whitelisted!

  • If you hold other great NFTs, you will also get whitelisted! Now we have Bored Ape Yacht Club, Sandbox, Azuki, CloneX, Doodles, Moonbirds, GOBLIN, ISEKAI, Pudgypenguins, and WEBA included. If you are a holder of the above projects, we took a snapshot on Sep 26th, you will be on the whitelist! There will be more projects announced later.

Free Mint

Free mint is first-come-first-serve! We may have a lot of whitelists given, but the overall amount of Puff Tickets is 15,000 and will be distributed within 5 weeks. If you are in the whitelist but didnโ€™t get the Puff Ticket for Week 1, you are able to mint using your whitelisted address again in the next weeks.

During the Puff Ticket mint period, whitelist winners can mint up to 2 Puff Tickets.

Genesis Lottery

With each Puff Ticket, a user can use it to draw in the Puff Lottery to win the Puff Genesis. There are 2,000 Genesis NFTs in the Free Mint Lottery.

Please take notes:

  • Once a user wins Puff Genesis, the used Puff Ticket will be โ€œburntโ€. However, the user can still participate in the Puff Lottery if they own more Puff tickets.

  • If the user is not lucky to win the Puff Genesis, the user can continue to use that Puff Ticket to participate in the next Puff Lottery after a cooling-off period, which can participate in the next round after a week.

  • If the user didn't win the Puff Genesis until the end of the campaign, the user still has the opportunity to join the following Puff events with the earned Puff Ticket(s).

Hereโ€™s the overall schedule of the Free Mint & Genesis Lottery:

The earlier you join the Free Mint, the higher chance you have of getting a Puff Genesis.

Use for PuffGo Alpha Version

If you have Puff Tickets or Puff Genesis NFTs, you will be able to join the PuffGo Alpha version test. You will be getting a set of test account ID and password to login in. The details will be announced soon.

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