Itโ€™s a Puff metaverse full of laughter and ravishing experience with adorable yet mischievous characters, and rough & tumble scenes. PuffGo provides all kinds of gameplays with various specialties, for example, some of them are focusing on speed, while others are mainly about strategies. Will you win every match? Or would prefer to be a naughty Puff to make some โ€˜troublesโ€™? Or perhaps you would like to be a trustworthy backer? Itโ€™s your call to make.

Be the Fastest

Number of Users: 40/26

Instructions: The final ranking will be determined by the order in which players cross the finish line.

Description: You only have one goal to aim for, which is to dash to the finish line!

Gameplays: Over the Horizon, Speed Speed Speeeeeeed, Traffic Lights, Dark Dungeon

Over the Horizon

Arrive at the finish line as fast as you can and draw a beautiful parabola in the air while you're at it!

Speed Speed Speeeeeeed

Rush!! Just ruuuuuuuush!!

Traffic Lights

Go at green and stop at red, and be careful not to stay in dangerous places!

Dark Dungeon

Go with flashlight.

Rumble Tumble

Arrive at the finish line as fast as you can and keep your balance under extreme conditions!


Use the jetpack and let yourself soar through the air!

Survive or Surrender

Instructions: The final ranking will be determined by the time players survive.

Description: Victory always follows the minority! Hold till the last to win!

Gameplays: Mad Dash, Dangerous Carousel, Emergency Moments, Best Shot, Pass the bomb

Mad Dash

Donโ€™t let the bulls dash you! Try to take down your opponents!

Pay attention to the surrounding red area and try not to fall!

Emergency Moments

After the countdown, the trap will open temporarily. Be sure to avoid it!

Best Shot

Keep yourself in the spotlight to get points continuously! The yellow spotlight has higher points!

Pass the Bomb

It is dangerous to pass the bomb to others and be careful if it ends up in your own hands!

Air Train

Stay on the jammed train and don't get squeezed off by obstacles and unfriendly passengers.

Team Battle

Numbers of Users: 4vs4vs4vs4

Instructions: Players will form teams with 4 or 2 teammates to play against each other. The final ranking will be determined by the total points of each team.

Descriptions: Itโ€™s no longer a solo match! Team doubles your power with a greater chance to win!

Gameplays: Dyeing Enclosure, The Great Library

Dyeing Enclosure

Move in a circle to dye it in your color and try to get more territories!

The Great Library

Watch out! Don't get caught by the library ghosts!

Birthday Cake

Put the most stunning candles on the birthday cake! The higher you stack the candles, the more scores you'll receive!

Unsymmetrical Battle

Numbers of Users: 12vs4

Instructions: Players in different teams with unequal team members will play against each other. The game will be over with one team holding till the last minute.

Descriptions: A world without absolute fairness but resoluteness! Survive till the last or catch them!

Gameplays: Close Your Eyes, Run From the Enemy, Honeycomb Battle

Close Your Eyes

Watch out for the ghosts! Don't get caught!

Run From the Enemy

The enemy is pursuing you. Choose your escape route!

Honeycomb Battle

Move through fragile plots and look down upon your opponents!

More is coming!!!

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