Hide & Seek

Hide and Seek beta version is the Entertainment Mode in PuffGo, where players will be randomly assigned as either Hiders or Seekers. Hiders need to put on disguises by transforming as the item list indicates and hide on the map to dodge the Seekers until the end of the game; While Seekers are required to scan around and throw bombs to find all hidden Hiders on the map.

If You Are a Seeker

Seekers must wait 30 seconds at the game start for Hiders to hide on the map. The game will start officially after 30 seconds.

You can scan across the map after the game starts by clicking the button as indicated below, and search for hidden Hiders in the scanned area. If there are no hiders in your scanned area, then the light of the scan area will be shown as green.

If there are hiders in your scanned area, then the light of the scanned area will be shown as red. Note that the scanning feature has a 15-second cool-down period.

Seekers can click the attacking skill to throw star bombs at Hiders. When the star bomb is accurately thrown at the Hiders, the Hiders can be successfully caught! Note that the attacking feature has a 2-second cool-down period.

Seekers will go on rampage in the last 60 seconds of the game. Note that the attacking feature has a 0.5-second cool-down period then.

If Seekers successfully catch all Hiders before the final countdown, then Seekers win; or else, the Seekers fail.

If You Are a Hider

Hiders have 30 seconds at the game start to hide themselves from Seekers on the game ma, as Seekers will start searching after 30 seconds.

Choose your disguise by clicking the transformation button to select an item to transform into.

Click the transformation button again after selecting to complete the transformation process.

Choose a safe location to hide.

You can also click the invisibility button that allows you to become invisible from the Seekers for a short period.

Click the view switch button below to change your view and monitor the Seeker's movements.

If you get hit by the Seeker's star bombs, you will be eliminated. However, if you successfully hide until the end, the Hider team will be the winner!

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