Game-Related Features

The Game page link closely to the entire Puffverse, which holds PuffGo and PuffSim (Original PuffTown V1) together for players to better lock their Puff NFTs to the game for gameplays in PuffGo and simulation idle game in PuffSim. Players can operate directly here.


How to Use Your Puff NFTs to Join the Game

Claim Your Seasonal Game Rewards

After every game season, players can check their Ranks, learn about the current amount of the prize pool, and get corresponding rewards in PuffTown App. Rewards include vePUFF and USDT!

Check Game Records

During the game season, you can check the real-time ranking list in the scope of the entire Puffverse, and get to know more about your current rank, win rate, history, and rewards to be claimed. Detailed records allow players to better manage and learn their game progress to Skill to Earn and Play to Own well for greater rewards.

Buy Pass

In order to allow players to join League Levels multiple times for larger rewards, players can buy Passes on the Game page. Please make sure you have enough tokens in your game wallet to complete the purchase.

Hatch Egg

Users can get egg dropped from their proficient skills in High Level. Hatch eggs with great patience to get Puff General. This special Puff NFT is born with two times of Free Chances to join the League Level. This egg-hatching process is not the same as the Puff Sim.

PuffSim as a Part of PuffTown (Original PuffTown V1)

The PuffTown V1 Simulation game is an important part of the PuffTown. As for now, PuffTown has opened the interface to the simulation game, which will be released soon. Players are allowed to level up and raise directly in PuffTown for the best performance of their Puff NFTs. Not far from now, there will be chances to drop Green Diamonds as rewards while powering up Puff NFTs.

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