DeFi-Related Features

The PuffTown V1 Simulation game is an important part of the PuffTown. As for now, PuffTown has opened the interface to the simulation game, which will be released soon. Players are allowed to level up and raise directly in PuffTown for the best performance of their Puff NFTs. Not far from now, there will be chances to drop Green Diamonds as rewards while powering up Puff NFTs.

vePUFF Financial Management

The rank points earned from every seasonal game settlement will indicate your final Rank and can share vePUFF accordingly. vePUFF is a token of Puffverse, which we highly encourage users to hold for a long time for dividends according to their lock periods. Of course, the longer the better to share profits. You can manage your lock period and lock amount if PuffTown for DeFi earnings.

We will have more details announced in relation to tokens soon.

Yield Farming




Puff DAO


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