Avatar and Frame

How to Change Your Avatar

All players are able to change their in-game avatars freely.

  1. Click the avatar icon on the upper left side of the PuffGo homepage.

  1. You can check your personal info from here, and click the avatar to edit it.

  1. Click to switch to your wanted and unlocked Puff avatars on the Avatar page directly.

  1. Your new avatars will be saved to your Profile page automatically.

Unlock Avatars

Except for the free avatars for all players to use, there will be chances for players to unlock more avatars via different activities.

You are unable to change to these avatars with the lock icon on as you havenโ€™t owned them yet. Avatars are changeable after you unlock them.

How to Change Your In-Game Frame?

Players can decorate their unique avatars with the unlocked frame on the Frame page. Various frames will be available and acquirable in the upcoming Pack updates or activities. All players can change their in-game frames as they wish.

Click your in-game avatar icon at the upper left-hand side of the PuffGo homepage.

After entering your personal profile page, click your in-game avatar icon again to start editing.

Select your unlocked frame and click to switch it on directly.

Your selected new frame will be saved automatically to your profile.

๐Ÿ’ก The lock icon represents its locked status as you havenโ€™t acquired it yet. You canโ€™t select or change to this frame under the locked status.

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