Top Up System

The Top Up system provides players with an exclusive channel and service to purchase and acquire in-game assets, costumes, privileges, and game props using fiat currencies. The Purple Diamond acquired via top-up can be used to buy unique game props and costumes for in-game characters for a more exclusive and thrilling game experience in Puffverse.
Top Up system is enabled on multiple platforms for users to use and sync in different devices. In addition, Top-Up-system-related activities will be launched regularly for boosted fun and enhanced game experience for users in PuffGo.

How to Top-up?

Firstly, click on the ‘Top Up’ button in the lower sidebar of the PuffGo App to enter.
You can check all the top-up activities on the Top Up page, select the amount of the Purple Diamond you want to purchase using Fiat, and click on it to complete the transaction.
Your in-game Purple Diamond will be increased accordingly after the successful transaction.