PuffTown V1

PuffTown V1 is a simulation idle game for players to earn passive income effortlessly. Players can improve their characters’ power by leveling them up, which can be used in Adventures. After a certain number of characters are selected to join the adventure, simply let the characters fight for you, and the rewards afterward will be directly affected by the power after a period of time.
In short, players will use the characters to participate in the adventure, and according to the adventure results, they will get the character experience and corresponding Coin/Diamond rewards after a certain period of time, along with the probability of getting a Treasure Box. The rewards from an opened Treasure Box will be a random number of coins or diamonds. The probability of the two rewards in the Box is different.
In PuffTown V1, instead of directly generating game tokens as rewards, users will get Coins and Diamonds in-game as rewards. The Diamond is the voucher for exchanging points. The Diamonds (Off-chain, can’t be transferred to other addresses) owned by your address will be automatically converted into points in Q1 (Date to be announced). They are the same as the points earned in PuffGo Beta, and they can be redeemed for initial tokens at the time of the initial launch.
Stay tuned, the details are to be updated.