Play to Own

It achieves the consistency of rewards and real ownership, enabling players to receive game ownership in the form of tokens or other in-game assets as compensation for their contributions. Rewards will be in Diamonds (Points) for the rights to redeem initial tokens.

Start your Adventure

  1. Every player will start as a rookie. Click on ‘Rookie Field’ to have your Adventure start.

  2. Select from 4 different Adventure modes and 6 various terrains, and the level to join will be recommended.

  3. With the mode, terrian, and level being chosen, click ‘Let’s go’ to continue. The maximum number of characters to participate will be indicated, you can now choose characters to venture.

    Puff’s tip: Using the recommended characters will give you a higher estimated win rate to earn juicy rewards afterward.

  4. After a period of time with your characters competing in the Adventure, click on ‘Complete’ to get corresponding Coins and Diamonds according to your win rate. At the same time, the character you used for Adventure will be rewarded with corresponding experience for future Level Up.

    *For every Adventure, there is a possibility to drop a Treasure Chest based on the player’s final performance.

    Puff’s tip: Get a higher win rate with the recommended characters and high Puffs’ Power. Also, Treasure Chest drop rate is related to the average luck of the character’s costume.

Unlock your Treasure Chests

You can find the Treasure Chest you got from the Adventure at the Homepage and unlock it from there. There are 5 different kinds of Treasure Chests, each of which has a different opening time that will be marked above, and each holds a different quantity of coins, diamonds, or even neither.

Puff’s Tip: You can also use your Coins to speed up the opening process. But be careful, there might be empty chests!

Level Up your NFTs

  1. You can find the characters that are qualified with enough EXP to level up on your page of the Role List. Click on the character for more information and level up.

  2. You can check how many more Experience you need from the Adventure to level up or click ‘LV UP’ directly if you have enough Experience and Coins to consume.

    Puff’s tip: Keep the smiling face up in your Vitality or else it could affect your profit of the game once it falls below a certain percentage. You can also recover the Vitality using Coins.

Raise your NFTs

By clicking on your characters, you will get general information about your characters with Token ID, Basic Power, Luck Value, Number of Hatches, and Role’s Star.

The ‘Raise’ button on the lower right will only be accessible when your NFTs reach the level of 20. Click to use Puff Classic NFTs with the same stars and Diamonds to raise stars for a higher Power and rewards, or else you will be reminded as insufficient to raise.

Hatch Eggs for Puff Classic

  1. The eggs will be airdropped to Puff Football NFT holders as 1 egg for each NFT, and 2-5 eggs each to each Puff Genesis holder according to their Luck Value. The number of hatches can be found on the general information page of your characters.

  2. Find your Puff eggs and click ‘Hatch’ to start.

  3. Choose from your available Puff Genesis roles and consume a certain amount of Coins to hatch your egg.

    *It should be noted that only Puff Genesis can hatch eggs. The selected Genesis will be locked for a while and its number of hatches will be reduced.

  4. If you don’t have a Puff Genesis, feel free to Lease a server NFT to hatch but with relatively higher Coins to consume.

  5. After a period of Hatching time, you have now successfully hatched your eggs and obtained a Puff Classic - your new Puff NFT asset, which you can use to increase the Power and rewards of your Puff Genesis and Football NFT through Raise.

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