The Store is the in-game shopping mall where players purchase game props, gears, costumes, and more using Diamond. It offers a diverse and personalized shopping experience in PuffGo and enriches the gameplay and content. All players can express their uniqueness and styles via exclusive costumes, props, and accessories. At the same time, the Store will set up limited offerings regularly for players to enjoy special discounts, which allows users to buy specific goods at lower prices for a limited time.

How to Use Store

Click on the ‘Store’ button in the lower sidebar of the PuffGo App to enter.
You can switch to different in-game Puff characters by clicking the arrows.
Select your desired costume on the right, and click on it to check its details, including costume name, Luck Value, price, and description.
Make sure that you have sufficient Purple Diamonds to purchase your desired costumes. If not, click on the Purple Diamond to top up more. Check top-up tutorials here. After successfully purchasing your costume with sufficient Purple Diamonds, you can see the page below to confirm or apply your suit.
Click ‘Apply’ to wear your newly purchased costume directly. Note that your purchased costume cannot be purchased again in the Store.
You can check on several costumes in the Store for hidden offers.
Click on the Diamond button to purchase the special offer.
If you click on ‘Confirm’ after successfully purchasing your costumes in the Store, these costumes will be well-stored in your PuffGo Inventory.
If you need to change your newly purchased costumes, go to your Inventory and check your well-stored costumes on the right to dress up yourself.
Click on the ‘Save’ button to save your current outfit.
You are ready to Skill to Earn with great fun and a brand-new look with your friends in PuffGo now!