Level Types

PuffGo Official is an on-chain game that allows even non-NFT holders to have the best game experience. There are three levels of the Knock-out mode: Entry, High, and Advanced, for all users to choose from. Each level will have 4 different & random rounds.

Entry Level

The Entry Level is for Knock-Out Mode beginners with low difficulty and 4 random gameplays, and also perfect for new Puff users who currently do not have an NFT to participate in the game. All they need to do is sign-up for an account! Even without a Puff NFT, users will still receive Coins by practicing skills in the game, which is an important step for new users to practice and experience.

High Level

The High Level is an intermediate level with average difficulty and 4 random gameplays. This level needs certain game experience and skills to play, and Coins are needed to unlock the High level. After completing the level perfectly, users have chances to be rewarded with Coins and a mysterious egg.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level has the highest difficulty and 4 random gameplays. It requires excellent skills and rich experience to play and win. The Advanced level is the only level to be recorded in the Ranks and get the Rank Points, which will be rewarded with vePUFF after the settlement of every game season. To participate in Advanced Level, users need to own at least 1 Puff NFT and use it to acquire Free Chances. Different NFTs will endow different times of Free Chances to participate. After the free chances are used, users need to buy Passes to have more chances for playing. Users need to be aware of the difficulty of this level, but once they master the game, they will be in a higher rank with greater rewards to be claimed.

Requirement & Reward

Non-NFT Holders
NFT Holders
Entry Level
High Level
Egg & Coin
Advanced Level
Rank Points &Coin
1 Pass/Game
Free chances
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