vePUFF is the governance token in Puffverse, which can only be acquired by locking your PUFF token or from the PuffGo games. vePUFF is the only token with Voting Power.

Ways to Get vePUFF

  • Lock PUFF to get vePUFF by the ratio of 100:1.

*100:1 is an example for users to understand their relationship, the actual rate will be fixed and announced later.

  • Join PuffGo or other games to win seasonal rewards in vePUFF

  • Join events or activities on Twitter and Puff communities

The Benefits of Holding vePUFF

  1. Voting and governing powers in Puff DAO

  2. Revenue dividends

?% of the trading fee from the token swap in the PuffTown App

?% of the trading fee from NFT Market in the PuffTown App

?% of the redemption fee if you unlock your vePUFF to PUFF before the chosen period is over

?% of the income from Pass selling

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