๐Ÿ’ฐ$PUFF & $vePUFF

PUFF and vePUFF are both important tokens in the Puffverse ecosystem, and they are closely related to each other.

PUFF is used as the circulating token to pay for major paid scenarios in the Puffverse, such as Passcard, PuffGo Passes, Puffland land resources, etc. More importantly, PUFF has a complete closed-loop economic model with output, stake, burn, and buyback, for ensuring the long-term and stable development of Puffverse.

vePUFF, as the governance token, is obtained by staking PUFF at a fixed rate or rewards from the game. It is non-transferable and can be exchanged to PUFF only, it can also share in-game dividends along with other rights. Users who hold vePUFF will get corresponding Voting Power.

PUFF and vePUFF can be converted to each other at a fixed rate. Letโ€™s say if itโ€™s 100:1, which means 100 PUFF can be locked as 1 vePUFF to share dividends and voting power. Also, note that the duration of holding the vePUFF and the amount of vePUFF that one has will be taken into account for dividend distribution. Dividends will be distributed accordingly in PUFF. More about the conversion and dividends will be announced later on.

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