Numbers In-Game (No Tokens in V1)

Character Level-Up

After a player participates in an adventure with a character, the participating character will gain corresponding experience. When the experience is accumulated, the player can consume Coins to upgrade the character level. All characters will start at level 1 and can reach a maximum of level 30.

Character Raise

Players need to select multiple Puff Classic NFTs with the same stars as the resources to raise. All characters will start with 1 star and can be raised to a maximum of 5 stars.

For example, you need 3 two-star Puff Classic to Raise your 2-star Puff Genesis/Football from 2 to 3 stars. To do so, you need to first get 9 one-star Puff Classic and level up 4 of them to Lv 20 so that these 3 can be Raised to 2 stars. In order to level them up, you can put them in adventures in the Rookie Field since Puff Classic is only allowed there. Once you get 3 two-star Puff Classic, you can Raise any of your Puff Genesis/Football that's over Lv 20 with two stars to 3 stars.

The Relationship Between Character Level, Star, and Power

Every time a player elevates the character's level or star, the character's Power will be directly affected. The relative relationship between the level, star, and Power is as follows:

Adventure Rewards

You can get adventure rewards and Treasure Chest from the adventure.

Adventure rewards are as follows that the Rank in results will be different for each adventure according to the win rate, and each Rank has different rewards accordingly. The win rate will be calculated based on Puffs' Power and Puffs used in real-time.

Example as follows:

It is an example for reference and does not represent the actual value in the game

Treasure Chest Rewards

You can get adventure rewards and Treasure Chests from the adventure.

You can have 4 Treasure Chests at the same time. There are 5 types of Treasure Chests! You can use Coins to speed up the process. But be careful! But be careful, because there might be empty chests!

Note that for Ancient Chest, no time is needed for opening, you can consume Coins to open the chests directly.

Daily Limit of the Rewards

There is a personal daily limit for all rewards. When you reach the limit, you can’t get more rewards today.

The limit will be reset at 12 AM UTC every day.

Adventures and Vitality

Every character has a Vitality Value. The initial character's Vitality is full, yet joining adventures will cost the corresponding character's Vitality. When the Vitality falls below a certain percentage, the player's income from participating in adventures decreases. The details are here as below:

For example, if the character's Vitality is 100 at maximum, 0 at a minimum:

  • When 61< Vitality ≤100, you can get 100% of the reward after the adventure

  • When 31< Vitality ≤60, you can get 80% of the reward after the adventure

  • When 0 < Vitality ≤30, you can get 20% of the reward after the adventure

It is an example for reference and does not represent the actual value in the game.

Note that only adventure rewards will be affected by Vitality, the rewards in the treasure chests won’t be affected.

Luck Value and the Treasure Chest

Based on the player’s final performance in the adventure, they have a probability of getting the Treasure Chest as an extra reward, and the probability of the Treasure Chest dropping is related to the average luck of the character’s costume.

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