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Players can only view the home page if the wallet is not connected. But once the wallet is connected, players can experience a completely different PuffSim based on if they are Puff NFT holders or not. Players who do not own any Puff NFT can only view partial content as experience mode. But as Puff NFT holders, they can play everything from Adventures to character level-up.

Players need to use their Puff NFTs for Adventures, which have 4 different modes and 6 terrains. Different numbers of characters are needed for each Adventure mode, and the character will receive different bonuses in various terrains. Basically, players choose a certain number of characters to participate in the Adventures to get rewarded correspondingly to the game result after the game.

To ensure that the player experiences the entire character leveling process, each adventure is set with a variety of difficulties. Different levels of difficulty have various modes, terrain, and requirements for the number and type of characters. All of which will eventually affect the place in the competition and corresponding awards after.

4 Adventure modes

Story mode, Casual Mode, Knock-Out Mode, and Team mode.

  • The number and type of characters in each mode are required differently

  • The minimum number of participating characters is 1, and the maximum number is 4

  • Different Adventure modes have different terrains

6 Terrains

Terror Tower, Frosty Carnival, Circus Party, Ancient Ruins, Sky Castle, and Dessert Kingdom

Random Bonus

Bonus will be added to randomly selected characters for each Adventure. For example, Patty can get a 10% power increase in this round of Ancient Ruins, and no bonus in other adventures (this is not an official in-game effect as your reference)

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